Los testigos / the witnesses

It's hard for me to define where one work ends and another one begins: The witnesses is a performative expansion on pieces such as Ghosts of Concordia, A Mother Grieves for Her Son or Glorias. In the aforementioned pieces I work with MatchMoving to recreate the space of news events, fabricating a moment that is somehow believable because there are elements of fact in them; The body of the witness embedded in the movement of the frame, and -in most cases-, the spatial configuration of the scene. 

The Witnesses is derived from this realization: That the only thing left from the witness of many of today's news and important or traumatic events, is the disembodied motion of the shot. The Witnesses proposes an exercise in movement that aims to bring back the motion of anonymous witnesses, by having actors interpret how they might have moved, using the framing of the shot as a script.

In this, and along with other pieces that deal with the politics of spectatorship, I am hoping to diminish the inconsolable distance between event, spectator and witness,